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the Great Escape by nami64 the Great Escape by nami64
.:Lucius & Narcissa Malfoy:.

i have imagined a "great escape" of Lucius from Azkaban with the help of Narcissa...
(since HP7, i like more and more the Malfoy Family)
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Lucissafan Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2015
feels <3
AnyMalfoy Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015
I'm an angel with a shotgun,
fighting 'til the war's won,
I don't care if Heaven won't take me back...
I'll throw away my faith, babe,
just to keep you safe...
Don't you know you're everything I have?

-Angel with a Shotgun, The Cab.

Song that crossed my mind when I see pictures of Lucius protecting either Narcissa or Draco or both of them.

I love your pic!
XxBlindXxAngelXx Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
hello that's amazing
maly40 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
like me :D
FreiheitInTraumen Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
AnnieReid Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011
J'aime l'expression de détermination sur le visage de Lucius, et la geste de Narcissa!
NewMoonBlackRose Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
i feel the same about the Malfoy, i just felt so sorry for them... i love this picture so much! Great Job!
stillthere4me Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2011
I don't like these two, but this picture is a wonderful tribute to the couple, and I actually feel for them here... that pain on Lucius' face, but Narcissa having missed him so much she's just buried her face in his shoulder and hugging him...
emmaanne98 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
irishclanofcool Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2010
dude- after the 7th harry potter i literally don't care about harry anymore (not that i ever did, really i read the series for the magic gingers :D ) but after that I went back to the movies and watched every Draco-scene. Then the 6th movie came out and it's like:
1st Book/Movie: Creepy lil' weirdo who looks like a Russian villain with wayyy too much hair gel for an 11-yr-old. But you can't help but "Awww" every time he tries to be mean.
6th Book/Movie: DAMN BOY U FINE.

Just saying. He's pretty damn sexy, now.
irishclanofcool Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2010
And if I met him- oh wait! I have! On a plane I walk up 2 him w/ my friends Lily & Emily and the first thing out of my mouth was,
"Hi, I'm Kailey. Look, I love you in the Harry Potter are just....SO, SO attractive." He laughed, thanked me and took a pic with me & my buds, HIS HAND WAS ON MY WAIST FOR 2 MINUTES!!! So I tell everyone I've been "touched" by Tom Felton and I let them interpret that in whatever way they'd like. :D
3daysgracenutter Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2010
Awwww this is cute to see them like this
The-Shady-Lady Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2010
I can definitely see this happening. I love that you drew this piece out and everything. I can agree, I found in the beginning the Malfoy's to be interesting, but I grew to respect them more and more as the series went on. This is such an amazing piece, I love it.
chibineko117 Featured By Owner May 12, 2010   Writer
How sweet.....
Szakan Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
Lucius is yummy *3*

But...this ugly woman *brrr* xDDD
NewMoonBlackRose Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
i can't stop looking at this drawing! i love it soooooooo much!!!!!
can you draw another picture of Lucius & Narcissa Malfoy...
you don't have to if you're not into drawing them ^_^
again i love your drawings!!! can't stop looking at them
inuqueen360 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
XD I love how Narcissa is giving Lucius so much help lol
I love this picture, great job ^_^
That's really awesome!!
One of my fav pairings=D
The Malfoys are awesome !XD
lejsaxD Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2008
yeah i feel the same way about the malfoys... im a bit scared about draco going to prison... but then again, i pretty sure that harry would speak up against it in court... but if draco is not going to prison then how the f*** is he going to make it without his parents... but on the other hand they DO deserve to go to azkaban... i dont know what to mean anymore!!!
Rainbow-Sword Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I guess harry would speak up for all Malfoys. Because when the time came they decided for what they really care about: their son.
And Narzissa has protected Harry.
But anyway i love the Malfoys, in specially their son^^
Banane-cuite Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2008
Ah oui ça aurait été sympa que ça se passe comme ça! Ca m'a fait la même chose d'ailleurs, j'me suis mise à aimer les Malfoys de plus en plus, surtout depuis HP7...enfin surtout Lucius et Narcissa, je ne supporte toujours pas Draco!:evillaugh: Tu en as fait un couple super sexy en tout cas!
LizetM Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2008
AH! I love it! Its breathtaking. :D

Great job!
Orlina Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2007
It's awesome!!
I love the way that he looks distinguished even in his prisoner's clothes.
And Narscissa must have missed him so much ^^

I've always loved the Malfoy family too :D
XD yeah. she sorta cried when she had to tell Snape that he was in Azkaban...=(
EnigmaticSS Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2007
Beautiful sketch!
CapnFlynn Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2007  Professional Filmographer
Beautiful drawing! I can't believe it doesn't have more favs!
superjolleke Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2007
the clothes are realy awesome-ly done!!
Realy pretty and the stripes on lucius, I mean everyone says like in azkaban they don't have to wair stripes but the way you draw it, is exactly how I have immagined it :)!
so realy good job
RyuAka Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2007
I really like the expression on his face and I like her robes/dress.
Lucius's man-stubble is Lovely.
bellaAriela Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2007
me too ;)
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